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Photo Notes

My mother in law is now featured in a Web page!

My mother in law's page

Unfortunately, I am not related to the makers of this fine candy

but I wish I were! Thanks to Karen Thomas from the U of C for getting me a sample.

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Sept. 09, 2005

(I am actually in the next balloon over...)

Calgary Stampede, July 14, 2005

Cochrane Rodeo, 2007

Osprey approaching the nest in Lundbreck, AB, May 02, 2011

Osprey in Lundbreck, AB, April 21, 2014

Whitetailed Deer on the Church Ranch, Nov. 1, 2007

My back yard, March 20, 2008

Symons Valley Road, April 21, 2007

Symons Valley Road, May 16, 2007

Storks around my in-laws in Szentistvan, Hungary

Merriam's Turkeys along Highway 22, March 23, 2008

Ophyrys cornuta at Asotthalom, Hungary, April 24, 2008

The morning sky at my house in Calgary, November 8, 2004

Somewhere, over the rainbow, May 17, 2005

Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, 2007

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal, June 13, 2004

Test run for pit stop as observed from the Paddock

Flight with the Fuji Blimp on Sept. 8, 2003

Through an incredible number of random chances, I was able to fly with my mother, sister and a friend of my mother's with the Fuji blimp. Click on the image to see some of the pictures I took during the flight.

Terraserver Satellite Image of Sterkrade Nord, Oberhausen, Germany

Oberhausen.jpg (13117 bytes)

In case you have no idea what Oberhausen is all about, here is a link to the Oberhausen-Lied by the Missfits.

"Die Curry-Wurst ist die Lieblingsspeise der Deutschen am Arbeitsplatz. Das teilt ein Hersteller der Tiefkühlkost mit. Abgeschlagen auf Platz zwei und drei: Schlemmerfilet und Lasagne."

"Dat maach ja sein, datte Cörriwurst dat liebste Mittachessen vonne aabeitende Bevölkerung is. Aber wat für ne Cörriwurst? Schaaf oder mittel? Und mit wat nehmwer de Cörriwurst? Bloß mitten Brötken oder mit Pommes? Und die Pommes - mit wat? Mit Majo oder mit ohne? Oder velleicht rotweiß? Nää, wenn uns hier einer wat vonne Cörriwurst erzählt, dann muß dat schon en bißken genauer sein."

Rainer Bonhorst (1993) Dr. Antonia Cervinski-Querenburg: Aus meine Tagebücher 1993.

"Der Mann hat's auf der Welt nicht leicht. Das Kämpfen ist sein Zweck. Und hat er endlich was erreicht, nimmt eine Frau's ihm weg. Er lebt, wenn's hoch kommt, hundert Jahr und bringt's bei gutem Staat und nur, wenn er sehr fleißig war, zu einem Rauschebart."

From the Libretto of "Ich wollt ich wär ein Huhn" bei Kreuder/Beckmann, which was sung by the Comedian Harmonists.

Names not good 'mews' for newcomers

SUBURBS . Last week, my girlfriend and I, who are new in town, went to visit a friend in Coventry Hills. We were perplexed when presented with the prospects of having to decide directions at the corner of Coventry Hills Way and Coventry Hills Way.

Who thought it a good idea to name streets in a region with similar names, and what, pray tell, is a "way"? There are no positive attributes to the systematic naming of streets in an entire region with similar (if not identical) street names. The practice is unforgivably dull and confusing. Second, it is not becoming to unilaterally proclaim new definitions for existing English words. The words "way", "garden", "close" and a host of other silly terms have never denoted "road", "street" or "boulevard". Anyone who believes they do is irrational.

Why these words? Why stop there? May I propose some new, equally ridiculous words to be used in lieu of the ones already hijacked? How about Coventry Hills Monkey Wrench, Citadel Hills Mantelpiece or Hidden Valley Pencil Case?

Michael Phelan in a letter to the Calgary Herald, Nov 4, 2007

From the script of Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993): "News Anchorman: In an emotional address at the state captiol, Nebraska Governor  Paul Burmaster made a public apology for his state being so flat."

EOSD Landsat Satellite Image of Calgary, Alberta

My neighbourhood as seen on Google Earth

Some Pictures from Nova Scotia

Fishing boats in Halifax Harbor, Shark Tournament 2001

Barrier Lake, Alberta in May

Panorama of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Panorama of Toronto from the Crowne Plaza, 25th floor

And sometimes... I'd rather be...

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